Medway City? No Thanks!!!

Trish Marchant says –

Locals join the Campaign

Rochester was the location of our most recent petitioning exercise and boy are residents peed off! Many were angry that the council are going ahead with the bid, many more just think the name Medway City is gross, but the biggest complaint was about this further example of a vanity campaign by Rodney Chambers!

Its not a case of parochialism. Of course you would expect the locals in Rochester to want their city status back, but the truth is that everyone we have spoken to so far, from Gillingham, Chatham, Strood, Hoo, Grain, Rainham, want it as well. People from the Medway Towns think of Rochester as a city, who cares what the bureaucrats say.

Hey Medway council – you cant stop me saying out it loud and you cant stop me thinking of it as a city. But what you can do is ruin it for everyone by forcing us to give up our “Rochester City in everything but name” in favour of some nightmare bureaucratic boundary that you call Medway City.

2 Responses to “Medway City? No Thanks!!!”

  1. Rodney plans to put a Hollywood – esque sign up on a hill entering Medway – in the words of Ian Dury, “What a waste”


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