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August 1, 2015

Press release: Medway Greens join electoral reform campaign demo


Medway Greens, Trish, John and Simon


Peter Tatchell


Owen Winter

Last Saturday, Medway Green Party members were among hundreds of voters who converged on Parliament to campaign for electoral reform.  While not a new issue, the campaign for electoral reform has become prominent due to this year’s general election being the most disproportionate ever.

The demo was jointly organised by Owen Winter, a 16 year old member of the UK Youth Parliament (whose petition for electoral reform s achieved over 200,000 supporters), together with campaign groups Unlock Democracy and The Electoral Reform Society. They invited a number of guest speakers including representatives from all the major electoral parties in England.

Speakers included Green Mayoral nominee Sian Berry, ex Liberal Democrat MP Simon Hughes, human rights activist Peter Tatchell and John Strafford from Conservatives for Electoral Reform. Guest speakers spoke about the unfairness of the current system, the history of suffrage and the fact that documented complaints about the current system go back to the early 20th century, including by a young Winston Churchill.


Sian Berry

John Little, who attended with a number of other Medway Green Party members, expressed concern that the first past the post system is allowing government without a true mandate. Mr Little said:

“If voting reform doesn’t happen soon, the Mother of Parliaments will become a democratic joke. We have a majority government elected with only 24% of possible votes. The Tories are intent on privatising anything they can lay their hands on and are attacking the NHS and vulnerable people, essentially without a true mandate of support from British citizens.”

Nationally the Green Party attracted over 1.1 million votes and yet have only one MP in parliament; the Conservatives achieved just over 11 million votes and have 320 times the number of MPs. In Scotland, the SNP took 95% of parliamentary seats with 50% of the vote.

Trish Marchant, also at the demo, added:
“We believe that proportional representation is essential to allow a more diverse, democratic, range of views in parliament. The injustice of the first past the post system doesn’t just affect smaller parties, like our own, but means that millions of people are denied representation at Westminster”.


May 18, 2015

Campaign for fairer voting system #fairvotesnow

Please see below a press release that Medway Greens sent out after the general election last week.

Today a broad coalition of representatives from the Green Party, Plaid Cymru, SNP and Ukip, presented a petition accessed here to 10 Downing Street organised by the Electoral Reform Society calling for a fairer voting system.

There are likely to be many additional petitions, including one by the Green Party here and by here

And another here from 38 degrees.

Please sign the petitions.


Press release: Local Greens celebrate results but call for fairer voting system

Local Greens were delighted with their results in last week’s elections. In only their second general and local election campaign in Medway, the Green Party increased their share of the vote to double that of the previous elections. The Greens fielded thirteen candidates in the locals and one in all three of the parliamentary constituencies.  In Rochester and Strood, Green candidate, Clive Gregory, once again beat the Liberal Democrats into fifth place. Clive Gregory who is also Medway Green Party co-ordinator says:

“We would like to thank everybody who voted for the progressive movement that is Green politics. Such a large vote is very gratifying and we hope it is a reflection of all the work we have put into helping people and raising issues. We have

been connecting with ordinary people who are struggling against the way things happen in the Medway area and the terrible effects of the coalition policies on public services and vulnerable people. We have been trying to get the council to take notice of the genuine opinions of the people who disagree with what is being done, as well as the way things are done.”

The Medway Greens plan to build on their growing success over the coming years. Clive Gregory says:

“We beat the Lib Dems despite their determination to regain lost ground, suggesting that Greens are putting forward a serious and enduring message that has now become well and truly established in the Medway area.

“Membership of our local branch has more than tripled in the last six months, giving us a much strengthened party with enthusiastic members who are raring to go. We will be working even harder in the coming months and years to allow more of you to see what we are about, and why voting Green is the best decision you could make”.

Nationally the Green Party attracted over 1.1 million votes and yet have only one MP in parliament; the Conservatives achieved just over 11 million votes and have 320 times the number of MPs. Clive Gregory comments:

“Despite the enthusiasm and growth in our party, we are acutely aware that our work is made much harder by our broken electoral system. This does not just affect smaller parties, like our own, but means that millions of people are denied representation at Westminster, as well as being forced to put up with yet more devastation in the hands of a stronger Conservative Party, one that the majority didn’t vote for. Our future campaign will highlight what is both an injustice and a very visible lack of democracy at the top of our agenda, and call for a new voting system where everyone’s vote is represented”.

Mr Gregory concludes:
“We are greatly looking forward to getting back on the campaign trail in the coming months, raising local issues and highlighting the lack of democracy both locally and nationally”.

This was published in the Maidstone and Medway News here.

May 4, 2011

Video: Eddie Izzard Says Yes to AV

Thank you to the New Internationalist for this video.

David M. Davison

April 23, 2011

Achieve Just 30% and Be Successful In…?

This video reveals all!

David M. Davison

February 28, 2011

Caroline Lucas’ Conference Speech

The Green Party’s spring 2011 conference took place in Cardiff from 25th to 28th February and below are the videos showing Caroline Lucas’ opening speech.  The speech touches on a number issues – government cuts, arms sales and democracy for example – and shows that we are very different to the other political parties.

To quote the finishing line of the speech:

“No-one else is providing the principled opposition to the three party consensus.  That is our job, and our time.”

If you prefer to read the speech, it is available here.

David M. Davison

June 25, 2010

Oppose an Elected Mayor for Medway

Trish Marchant says: Medway Council are asking residents to decide whether they want an elected Mayor or a Ceremonial Mayor.  An elected mayor would be voted for by the electorate at the same time as the local elections.

We oppose the imposition of an elected Medway Mayor, we oppose the concentration of power in one individual, we oppose the loss of democratic representation of our elected councillors in favour of that individual, and we oppose the increased costs that the additional bureaucratic burden and salaried position will incur.

Residents wishing to submit responses via Medway Council’s web page have until Wednesday, 30th June 2010.

May 9, 2010

PR v Tory dictators

Well the cat is out of the bag on proportional representation. The Torys have been heard to say that if we had a PR system they fear they would probably never form a government on their own again.

What does this tell us?

It tells us that they know that the majority of people will never vote for them or their policies. So the only way they can get power is through a system that returns a disproportionate number of them than what the people actually want. I think a political system that gives  a minority power over the majority is sometimes called a dictatorship, a junta or fascist regime.

In plan speak the Torys do not want to hear your voice at elections they want you to hear theirs for four or five years after it.

It is clear that the people want a change in our electoral system.

It is clear that the LibDems have campaigned for one.

It is clear that the vast majority of people voted for a centre left government.

If Nick  Clegg is going to make a deal with the Torys he must drag from them a price they do not want to pay. So he must get cast iron guarantees on PR and reform and not carefully worded platitudes that will see no change for the ordinary people of this country.

If the price the Labour party has to pay is their leader and a move from AV to a true proportional system, then they should be bold enough to pay that price in the full knowledge that it is the will of the people they would be serving.

Simon Marchant