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May 25, 2017

Don’t vote for a return to cruelty! By Clive Gregory

P1050398I was extremely concerned to learn that the Tories will be attempting to bring back fox hunting if they get back into power.  Particularly stomach churning was our wanabee PM happily remarking that she is in favour of this incredibly cruel pursuit.

The difference of opinion between those that want the ban on fox hunting to be lifted and those that insist it must be retained suggests that there are two distinct groups of human.  Most people cannot imagine the deliberate killing, as a means of deriving pleasure, of any living creature, human or animal. Indeed eighty-four per cent of the public are against fox hunting and want the ban retained [1].

However, some people when, for example, driving their cars will deliberately speed up if say, a pigeon is seen in the middle of the road, targeting it with the purpose of running it over – killing it and then driving off elated and laughing.  Others will stop three lanes of traffic so a family of geese can cross safely.

Fox hunting seems to me to split humans into these two groups and my opposition stems partly from the obvious fact that those who take part derive pleasure from the killing of a living animal. The fact that the fox is literally disemboweled and torn limb from limb simply makes this ‘celebration’ of the kill the more sickening.

Fox hunting is an abomination dressed up as tradition, enjoyed only by a monied few. It is worrying that Theresa May, who often promises to represent the interests of every person in this country if re-elected, remains a shockingly staunch advocate [2].

The Green Party, in contrast, has a long history of standing up for the protection of animals.  Our Animal Manifesto [3] pledges to strengthen and extend the Hunting Act and we will fight tooth and nail to ensure this barbaric practice remains illegal.

Clive Gregory
Green Party parliamentary candidate for Gillingham and Rainham