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April 26, 2019

Medway Green Party welcomes Climate Emergency Motion #GreenMedway


Clive Gregory campaigning in Hoo

Medway Green Party was very happy to hear that Labour’s Climate Emergency Motion received cross party, unanimous, support at Medway Council’s meeting yesterday evening but now the work really needs to start.  The Council currently has no plan to meet the carbon neutral goal but the Greens have not only been facing up to the situation but identifying solutions for some time.  Green Councillors are needed to provide ideas and hold the Council to account on this.

Part of our objection to mass housing development on the Hoo Peninsula (outlined in our responses to Medway Council’s Local Plan consultation) is that the Council is failing to take climate change into account in the plans it is making. Proper consideration of the impacts of climate change should rule out building there once and for all.  It’s now time for action rather than just words.  Below is a comment written last week by Peninsula candidate, Clive Gregory, on the climate emergency motion.


Medway Green Party is hugely supportive of the motion to declare a climate emergency, expected to pass on the 25th April, with Conservative Leader, Alan Jarrett, confirming support on Radio Kent on 17th April.  Labour are to be congratulated for proposing a motion that has been campaigned for by local Green Parties throughout the country.

However, this is just the first step. Labour Leader, Vince Maple, and Conservative Leader, Alan Jarrett, seemed reluctant to suggest any concrete solutions when interviewed by Radio Kent. This is unsurprising as neither party manifesto mentions climate change and both parties have failed to take it into account in their support for development of the Hoo Peninsula.  In contrast I made it clear, in my Radio Kent interview, that a climate emergency meant every plan and policy being revised to mitigate climate change.  An example would be to realise the potential of the River Medway to supply our (heat) energy needs, just one of many essential ideas for renewable energy capture.

It strikes me that if the proposed climate change cross party working group is formed of nothing but Conservative and Labour Councillors, it will be extremely difficult to achieve the 2030 carbon neutral goal.  The old grey parties are out of ideas.  Input is desperately needed from people who really appreciate the emergency we’re facing.

Only the Green Party understands that addressing climate breakdown and pollution must be at the heart of policy development. If elected, Green Councillors would work with other parties to make this motion work.

Clive Gregory, Green Candidate for Peninsula

April 25, 2019

Medway Green Party Manifesto Offerings

Greens start to gather for candidate briefing

Green group starts to gather for candidate briefing

(In 300 words as provided to Medway Messenger)
If elected we would continue to challenge the proposals in the Local Plan consultation for mass house building on the Hoo Peninsula, much of which is targeted at London migration, unaffordable locally and would do little or nothing to address homelessness, while destroying valuable agricultural land, threatening important wildlife habitats, and increasing air pollution.

Rather than develop agricultural land on the Hoo Peninsula, vital to self-sufficiency as the effects of climate breakdown are felt, we would push for development to be directed to the creation of a thriving, vibrant, new urban complex in the centre of Chatham.

We would hold Medway Council to account and insist that it reaches a carbon neutral target by 2030, using joined up actions that are part of the solution rather than part of the problem.   We would provide guidance on how to reach this target including insulation of housing, investment in proper cycling infrastructure and low carbon, affordable public transport, alongside charging infrastructure for electric cars. We would look at ways to implement clean air policies in all of our town centres.

We would promote renewable energy by offering incentives to businesses developing these technologies, look at harnessing the power of the River Medway and work with property developers to encourage them to include renewable energy systems in all new developments. We would encourage producers of zero-carbon factory built houses to locate in Medway, creating local green jobs and providing homes that both protect the environment and reduce utility costs, alleviating fuel poverty.

We would seek alternatives to market housing, through encouraging community-led cooperatives and pushing the Council to invest in social housing.

We would work with Councillors from any party, work to ensure the Council listens to the people it is meant to represent and campaign for Proportional Representation nationally and locally.

April 3, 2019

Medway Greens offer real alternative to larger parties #Medwayelects19

A3_artwork_for_corex_1024x1024Medway Greens will be offering a real alternative for those fed-up with the “main” parties by standing 16 candidates in 14 wards across Medway in the Council elections in May, allowing many people in Medway to vote for change. 

Clive Gregory who is standing in Peninsula ward alongside Sonia Hyner and Mohammad Ahmad says:

“We get a sense from speaking to people on doorsteps that they are fed up with Medway Council not listening, particularly in relation to housing development. The Council is currently planning to destroy hugely valuable agricultural land which will be particularly necessary after Brexit.  Developments are going up of the wrong types of homes in the wrong places with much of the development targeted at encouraging additional migration from London. Many of these homes are unaffordable to those who live locally, while people tragically remain homeless. Efforts to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution are limited and people feel that much more should be done to address climate change.

“The Brexit shambles has shown that the confrontational two party system is broken. Locally it’s little better with those currently in control thinking their ideas are the only ones that count. It’s time that all voices and opinions were represented in Medway. We are happy to work with Councillors from other parties in finding real alternatives.  Ultimately both locally and nationally the only way to fix our broken political system is to introduce a fairer voting system.  Members of Medway Green Party have worked hard in recent years in urging voters to start voting for democracy itself. Electing a Green Councillor is a real alternative and may be the first and most important step in bringing about that change”.

Wards which will have Green candidates:

Peninsula – Clive Gregory, Sonia Hyner and Mohammad Ahmad
Strood Rural – Kenneth Watkins
Strood North – Trish Marchant
Strood South – Marja Kingma
Rochester West – Catriona Jamieson
Rochester East – Marilyn Stone
Rochester South and Horsted  – Bernard Hyde
River – Caroline Bowes
Cuxton and Halling  -Tina Munro
Gillingham North  – George Salomon
Watling – Joel Love
Twydall  – Catherine Belmonte
Rainham Central – Mary Smith
Lordswood and Capstone  – Simon Marchant