People of Peninsula fundraising quiz

Medway Green Party has organised a fundraising quiz to support a campaign against over development on the Hoo Peninsula.

The Party is inviting Medway residents to the quiz which will take place on Sunday 2nd December at High Halstow Memorial Hall, 6-9 pm. The Greens have also been undertaking a survey of local residents on the Peninsula which has confirmed a great deal of concern about the amount of proposed house-building in the area.

Clive Gregory, Upper Stoke resident, who has been selected to stand for the Green Party for the Peninsula ward in the May 2019 local elections says:

“No one is listening to local people and Medway Council simply do not care about protecting our local environment preferring to turn the Peninsula into a dormitory town for London. I have long argued against over development here, including being committed to protecting the SSSI at Lodge Hill. I am looking forward to concentrating my efforts on my home ward in the run up to the local elections”.

Medway Green Party has responded to all stages of Medway Council’s Local Plan. Their recent response describes all the options presented as “ill conceived and [that they will] add to the problems we face instead of being part of the solution”. The Greens have proposed redevelopment of Chatham Town Centre as an alternative to building a new town at Hoo.

Those interested in taking part in the quiz are encouraged to contact Marilyn Stone at to book a place.

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