Meet Clive Gregory – Green candidate for Gillingham and Rainham

Previously Green PPC for Rochester and Strood in 2014 by-election and 2015 GE


CliveGregoryMain1I have lived on the Hoo peninsular for 25 years and am a freelance musician (bass) and sound engineer. I own a locally based PA/sound services and hire business – Clive Sound.  I also have a company that publishes music tuition books. Alongside this I am a part-time carer for my parents, a responsibility I share with my sister.

My career has allowed me to meet and work with people from all walks of life, from those that regard themselves to be at the top of the hierarchy to those that struggle daily to survive and everything in between.  I’m politically opposed to hierarchy and elitism and believe that everybody deserves equal respect and opportunity.  The individual, as a creative force, bound together with all other individuals to create a fair and just society should be the focus of those elected to represent us.

We live in a world where politicians are to some extent controlled and manipulated by powerful forces that are not elected, nor have any respect for democracy and the rights of the majority of the population.  Big banks and mega corporations, many of whom have budgets greater than some countries, control much of the real power of the world.  They ruthlessly use weapons such as debt, deceit, control of the media and very probably influence where military intervention and de-stabilisation occur.  It is no surprise to note that these same controlling forces do not care for our world and the environment in which we live.

There needs to be a quantum shift in the way we vote and run our politics and financial systems.

This requires a voting system that delivers a parliament that represents the political makeup of voting intentions – proportional representation and a chance for real democracy.

An end to revolving door politics where government ministers and MPs can use their political careers to gain access to excessively highly paid jobs with businesses that have benefited from policies created by those same politicians.  Yes an end to political corruption.

A renewal of the nation’s commitment to the NHS: private companies already control too much of the NHS services but the rundown of the NHS is a deliberate act by politicians controlled and influences by big business.

A complete overhaul of the financial system and an end to commercial banks creating 97% of all money that comes into the economy, so allowing them to control our money supply and rendering parliament powerless in controlling the direction of the nation.

A living wage, not just a minimum wage that needs to be topped up by the taxpayer in the form of benefits subsidising companies and allowing these same companies to keep employees in a permanent state of fear and uncertainty through zero hours contracts and low pay.

The world needs to stop burning fossil fuels and instead embrace renewable energy technologies and our government, rather than taxing renewable initiatives, should be putting massive investment and belief in the UK’s ability to lead the way in these technologies and techniques.  The current administration seem to want the exact opposite, allowing other nations to lead the way whilst taxing and punishing those businesses that want to use renewable energy.

Fracking should be opposed and indeed banned as an approach.  It is not only highly destructive but it’s actually not economically viable – although unscrupulous companies realise that they can exploit governments lack of expertise and make high profits in the short term leaving the nation to pick up the pieces of, quite literally, a fractured land.

Social housing needs to be expanded massively – not high profit buildings that will probably never be lived in.  This social housing also needs to embrace new technologies that allow people to create all the energy they need through renewable energy techniques and high insulation standards.  If profit is the sole motivation for house building then nothing will be achieved.

Housing and other infrastructure expansion should be carefully controlled to ensure that development is non destructive.  We’ve already destroyed too much of our natural land area.  Locally this is represented by a need for housing but where our natural resource – including the Hoo peninsula – needs to be protected.  It is not acceptable for local politicians to even consider construction on a SSSI.  The local council should also be rejecting government plans to build more houses than the area can support.  Medway is already one of the most densely populated areas in Kent and is close to its maximum capacity, so the target of 30,000 new homes should be revised.


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