Cancel Trident and pay for the NHS instead say Medway Greens

nhsMedway Green Party’s three election candidates are calling for a shift in priorities towards greater investment in the NHS and away from privatisation.  This includes a reiteration of the Green Party’s ‘bold’ pledge to scrap the Trident nuclear weapons programme [1] and divert the estimated £204bn [2] cost to the NHS.

Sonia Hyner, Green Party candidate for Rochester and Strood, says:

“The Green party would rather focus on saving lives.  This means cancelling the multi-billion pound nuclear monstrosity that is Trident and adopting real measures to improve everybody’s health and well-being.  It is about having the right priorities.  That is why we are calling for the money which the other parties would waste on Trident to be spent on our NHS instead”.

Medway Green Party is also seeking to draw local people’s attention to the upcoming consultation on local health services which will be carried out in June. The Kent and Medway Sustainability and Transformation Plan (‘STP’) [3] contains measures to redistribute funds from hospital to community care within a context of £22 billion in cuts to NHS funding nationally [4].

Bernard Hyde, Green Party candidate for Chatham and Aylesford comments:

“While we agree that improvements in our community services are long overdue this should not be at the expense of hospital care.  Rather than robbing Peter to pay Paul, we should be making greater investment into both community services and hospital care”.

According to Clive Gregory, Green Party candidate for Gillingham and Rainham, the proposed changes are part of a package of privatisation of the NHS.  Clive says that “as social care services are largely privately run, the recommendations in the STPs are likely to mean even more public funds being siphoned into boosting the profits of private companies rather than being spent directly on care.  This is on top of the disastrous PFIs which have brought the NHS to its knees and ongoing outsourcing.  Our NHS was once the flagship healthcare system of the world.  Sadly, the bankers and the greed of the corporate world seek to regain control of all of our public services.  This needs to be stopped before it is too late and we have no NHS left”.

The Green Party remains committed to the NHS Reinstatement Bill, and to the repeal of the Health and Social Care Act 2012 which forced a commercialised model on the NHS in England. [5] The Green Party would also deliver free social care for the over 65s in line with the recommendations of the Barker report. [6]






[6] (p22)



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