Meet Sonia Hyner – Green Party candidate for Rochester and Strood

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My career background is in social care and support. I worked for Citizens Advice for 21 years, seven of those in Medway, actively supporting members of the public to alleviate poverty and secure housing.  I then retrained to teach English to adults at Further Education College.

I have been politically active for a number of years and took part in the London march in 2003, against the war in Iraq. I have attended many anti-discrimination protests on racism and homophobia and was part of the march that took place in the by-election in 2014 when the people of Rochester united to prevent Britain First from entering our towns.

As an active peace and climate change campaigner, in recent years my beliefs have been further enhanced by embracing Green politics.

As we re-evaluate our relationship with the EU and the rest of the world I believe the Green Party has a vital role in effecting the change we need including the promotion of a Green economy that looks at sustainability in terms of local economies producing goods for their own communities, thus becoming more resilient as well as reducing our Carbon footprint.

Our health and public services are very much in the spotlight, particularly as the Kent and Medway Sustainability Transformation Plan is shortly to go to consultation.  We must ensure that our health and social care services are not threatened by the plans.  We also need to work harder to match local skills to jobs.  We are suffering from a lack of trained GPs locally, and other healthcare workers.  In the meantime we need to value the vital contribution of healthcare workers from abroad who are propping up our services.  Ultimately I am an advocate of taking back control of our public services, such as the NHS and railways, by placing them fully into public hands.

In order to increase our skill levels, young people need to be given the opportunity to train without being burdened with long term debt and we would support the abolition of tuition fees alongside other ways of supporting young people such as allowing 16 and 17 year olds to vote so that they can decide their own futures.

Lack of truly affordable housing is also of great concern. The Medway Green Party have recently sent an extensive response to the consultation on Medway Council’s Local Plan which will map out Medway’s future until 2035 and we are keen to highlight our approach.  We need to ensure that valuable natural land isn’t given over to private developments that no one can afford locally. National politics contributes to the lack of housing as the Tories sell off Council homes and refuse any funding which would allow the Council’s to build any more. We also have an issue with rising homelessness locally a result of national policies which have cut access to housing and social support.

For a truly secure future, we also need to think very carefully about the government’s promotion of fracking and nuclear power plants and warheads and I embrace the Green Party’s work in peacefully campaigning to highlight the dangers.

I value political organisation that encourages partnership working with other like-minded political and interest groups, embraces diversity and encourages participation from minorities.

The Green Party wishes to effect change for the common good.  I am looking forward to telling the people of Rochester and Strood about our brand of Green politics and how things could be better for them.


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