Theresa May’s Brexit Gamble

(Published Medway Messenger letters page 20/1/17)

Theresa May’s Brexit speech on Tuesday (January 17) offered a terrifying glimpse into the future. Deserting the Single Market and Customs Union is nothing short of reckless. These changes will damage both the Medway Towns and the entire country. British businesses, small and large, will lose access to a market of 500m customers and we will all be forced to forfeit the environmental and social protections that come with the Single Market.

It’s unclear whether our economy can withstand this level of turmoil. We have no idea what the outcome of the negotiations will be. The Prime Minister appears to be ignoring the long list of risks and chasing a hard Brexit, all because she is desperate to end free movement – something which benefits the UK and EU nationals alike.

This is a monumental gamble to take with our country’s future. No matter how we voted in the EU referendum, all of us have a responsibility to stop Theresa May throwing the UK off the Brexit cliff edge without a proper plan to deal with the consequences.

Steve Dyke, Co-ordinator, Medway Green Party


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