New Year catch-up – Party People 2017 Predictions

All those who regularly contribute to Medway Messsenger’s Party People column were asked to make their predictions for 2017 which were subsequently published online.  Here is Steve’s contribution:


Given how unpredictable events in 2016 turned out to be, it is virtually impossible to make reliable predictions about 2017! However I offer a few thoughts.

The decision to leave the EU will dominate UK political life for the immediate future. I hope that the team charged with negotiating our withdrawal will remember that the leave campaign was won by only a narrow margin, and that nearly half of those who voted actually wanted to stay. I also hope that the Great Repeal Bill, which will transfer existing EU law into domestic law, will be used by our Government as a foundation on which to build even greater protection for nature and the environment, not as an excuse to reduce it.

I believe that the pressure for electoral reform will continue to grow next year. I would like to think that the Government will at last realise how unfair the existing voting system is for both local and national elections. It would be great if progress could be made in 2017 towards the introduction of a system of truly proportional representation.

Most importantly, next year I hope to see our Government take real action to address climate change. Reinstating support for solar energy and other renewables would be a start

On a lighter note, I would like to predict that Gillingham FC will finally gain promotion to the Championship. I also remain hopeful that Medway punk folk legends the Singing Loins will reform and go on to conquer the world of music…


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