Medway Greens say ‘yes’ to Europe

Medway Green Party EU stall in Rochester

Medway Green Party EU stall in Rochester

Over the last few weeks Medway Greens have been chatting with many people in the Medway Towns, through canvassing and street stalls as well as social media, to explain their support for remaining in the
European Union.

Medway Green Party Membership Officer, Steve Dyke, says “We are giving people a positive message about Europe that is in sharp contrast to the scaremongering and negativity from some other parties.  We emphasise the many good things that membership of the EU has brought to the UK, from environmental protection to human rights, from arts funding to gender equality.  For us it is not a case of taking our country back, but of wanting to take it forward, and we believe this is best done as part of the family of democratic nations that is the EU”.

“We know the European Union is far from perfect and needs change in many ways, but the Greens want to remain and work with other like-minded people to achieve this, rather than walk away to the margins of Europe.  Many of the major issues that affect the UK are global ones that cannot be dealt with effectively by one country alone, such as climate change and terrorism”.

Former Green Party parliamentary candidate for Rochester and Strood, Clive Gregory, is particularly interested in the relationship between the EU and global corporations. He says:  “The people of Europe need to be united against the power of the mega corporations and mega rich elites – we will not be able to do this alone.  Many of those speaking for an exit want us to be helpless and alone as then we’ll be easy game for global banks and corporations. By staying in, we can be part of a movement for true democracy, a movement that is beginning to take real shape, not for left against right but for people and democracy against the powerful, whether corporate or dynastic”.

The people of the Medway Towns will be able to discuss any issues they have around the EU – or raise anything else that concerns them – with members of the Medway Green Party at their next street stall in Rochester High Street from 10 a.m. on Saturday morning (11th June).

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