Medway Housing and Green Space – by Steve Dyke

It was very disappointing to read that Cllr Jarrett thinks Medway will “inevitably see many of our green spaces lost to development” (Party People, Medway Messenger, 22nd April).

Green spaces offer health, social and economic benefits to us all and provide important assistance in meeting the challenges we face from climate change.

While it is recognised that the unreasonable housing target imposed on Medway by the Conservative Government is huge, there are many established or innovative alternatives to building on green space in addition to using readily available brownfield sites.  For example empty houses could be brought back into use, redundant retail or office space could be converted to residential and accommodation built above car parks or even on the water.

We hope that Cllr Jarrett’s comments do not mean that there is a lack of ambition by his Conservative Council in developing the new Medway Local Plan. With this he has the chance to make Medway an example to other authorities of how to provide affordable, sustainable, energy efficient urban housing – will he take it?

Medway Greens urge him and his Cabinet colleagues to consider the development of green space in Medway not as inevitable, but as a last resort, to be used only after all alternative housing solutions have been pursued.

Steve Dyke

Medway Green Parry






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