Greens say yes to People’s EU movement

On June 23rd every one of us has an equal vote in the referendum, and an equal chance to have a say in the future of our country.

The Green Party wants Britain to remain a part of the EU because we believe that we flourish when we work together on the shared challenges we face.

The people of Europe need to be united against the power of the mega corporations and mega rich elites – we will not be able to do this alone.  Many of those speaking for an exit want us to be helpless and alone as then we’ll be easy game for global banks and corporations. By staying in, we can be part of a movement for true democracy, a movement that is beginning to take real shape (with Podemos in Spain winning [1]) – not for left against right but for people and democracy against the powerful, whether corporate or dynastic.

In a fast-changing world we need international rules to control big business and finance, and to ensure that people’s rights are protected – at work and as consumers. The EU has also given us the freedom to live, study, work and retire across an entire continent.

The EU helps us look after our environment too. It’s only by working with our European neighbours that we can tackle climate change, protect wildlife and reduce pollution.  Thanks to EU rules, our beaches are cleaner, and our dirtiest power stations are being shut down.

But we know there is some way to go.  The EU isn’t perfect, nor is Westminster. The undemocratic rotten core of the EU needs to be changed, costs need to be reduced and accountability across every department needs to be installed. We want it to be more democratic, and accountable to the citizens of Europe. But to make the EU better for every European, we need to stay in and reform it. Let’s not leave the argument to white men in grey suits shouting at each other.

A better EU is possible: where corporate influence is curtailed, where more power is held locally, and citizens have a real say. Greens are determined to build that EU, but we can only do that by staying part of it.

Clive Gregory
Co-ordinator, Medway Green Party




[1] Early Podemos

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