Press release: Medway Green Party welcomes pull out by Lodge Hill developer

Medway Green Party has welcomed the pullout of developer, Land Securities, from building 5,000 houses at Lodge Hill, and calls on Medway Council to drop any further plans to develop the area. Clive Gregory, former Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Rochester and Strood says:

“We have been consistent from the start that no development of Lodge Hill should take place and now urge the Council to finally draw a line under this whole sorry saga.

“Land Securities is a high return on investment company that had no desire to build homes for people in the Medway Towns, and definitely not truly affordable homes, but would simply cater for the exodus from London. 

“However, whatever their initial motivations, Medway Council has to accept that the need to preserve this area has resulted in it becoming a SSSI and it is no longer viable for development. 

“We actually need to protect more tracts of land so that they too can recover and provide habitats for threatened species, rather than carry out a constant programme of destruction.

“We would also remind the council that, in common with councils up and down the land, huge quantities of decaying properties are lying empty and this problem must be addressed before even considering laying waste to natural space”.


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