Medway Green Party call on Medway Council to Welcome Refugees

Medway Green Party is calling on Medway Council to state their willingness to accommodate refugees in Medway.

Medway Green Party has issued the following statement:

“The UK has a humanitarian responsibility as a country whose actions have helped to create the political and military chaos in the region from which many of the refugees are fleeing. We also have a responsibility to our European neighbours who are currently struggling to cope with the numbers fleeing to their shores.

“There are 433 local and county authorities in the UK. If each local authority took in just 50 refugees this would amount to 21,000 people overall (1). Helping, even a small number, would be a small step by Medway Council, but make a huge difference to those individuals saved from fear, inhumane living conditions, and possible death. What we are asking is for Medway Council to join other Councils in making a declaration that refugees are welcome in our towns and demonstrate practical steps they will be taking to accommodate refugees”.

Councils are able to seek help with resettling refugees from National and European funded projects.

At a European level, Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Union, today proposed an EU quota plan which enforces member states to take a specified number of refugees in order to balance out the responsibility. Britain, however, has an opt-out which excludes Britain from playing a part in the relocation. The British Government has confirmed that it will not be opting in, or making any further contribution than that already outlined.

Medway Green Party comment:

“We welcome the proposal by Jean-Claude Juncker of practical action that will take the pressure off the few countries coping with the largest number of refugees, and help to alleviate the ongoing insecurity for many innocent people. It speaks volumes for the need for a continued union of European countries when it comes to dealing with major crises, which frankly could simply be allowed to escalate to genocidal proportions if all acted as our government; turning the other cheek, reinforcing the barricades, conceding only slightly to public reaction when they witness the death of a small child.

“We feel it is shameful that, as a European country that unilaterally bombed Iraq, we can dodge our responsibility for one of the consequences, and turn the other way, when people are in dire need. We call upon the people of Medway and Medway Council to contribute towards the reversal of this trend”.



(1) Figures were taken from this article – – well worth a read!


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