Medway Greens urge public to keep pressing for hunting ban

Medway Green Party have urged the public to continue to pressurise their MPs in voting to keep and strengthen the hunting ban, despite the postponement of the vote in parliament to the autumn.

Trish Marchant says:
“The Green Party is completely opposed to any attempt to bring back hunting with dogs. We believe that the Hunting Act must be strengthened and extended so that all dog work underground is outlawed; a new clause introduced to stop wildlife crimes being explained away as accidents, and tougher penalties introduced for people found guilty under the Act.

“There is a large body of evidence which shows that the hunted animals suffer severe physiological and psychological stress during the hunt, whether they are killed or not. When killed by a pack of dogs the death is prolonged and multiple, severe injuries are sustained, causing great suffering before death”.

MPs were due to vote on whether to amend the Hunting Act on Wednesday (15 July). The SNP (Scottish National Party) announced that they would oppose any reform, which only applies to England and Wales. This meant that the changes were unlikely to win a majority in the Commons.

The vote is now expected to take place in autumn, by which time the SNP could be effectively blocked from taking part, under the ‘English votes for English laws’ reform.

Trish Marchant adds: “There is no place for the return of this cruel and barbaric activity in our countryside and 75% of the public agree. It would also be a good time for the Scottish Parliament to strengthen their own laws, to bring them in line with English laws where they offer less protection to foxes, and because evidence suggests, that, much like in England and Wales, little is done to prosecute those who flout the ban. It is surely one of those issues where the whole of Great Britain should be applying the same rules, a fox is a fox is a fox, and should be afforded the same protection whichever side of the border it happens to be.”


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