Last few campaign days – with more hustings, stalls, interviews, leafleting and Jenny Jones!


Neil Williams (right of photo) – last minute prepping

Neil Williams, our candidate for Gillingham and Rainham, was well received at a couple of hustings he did last week.  He attended a hustings for the Medway Muslim Community on Tuesday at the Gillingham Mosque where subjects debated included included Islamophobia,  foreign policy and the NHS and then at St Mark’s Church, Gillingham on Thursday when he was asked to share his views on subjects including assisted dying, nationalising the railways, education, how the parties would protect people with disabilities and the NHS. Quite a baptism of fire for our, new to politics, Gillingham and Rainham candidate! Neil says:

“It was great meeting some very enthusiastic and engaged voters in Gillingham this week. The questions were challenging and intelligent and I was pleased to get some very positive feedback from both sessions, securing some Green vote pledges along the way! It’s only a shame that there wasn’t a bit more of a focus on two of my other favourite subjects of how to combat corrupt bankers and saving the planet from climate change.”

Luke Balnave with Jenny Jones

Meanwhile Luke Balnave, our Chatham and Aylesford candidate had a meeting with Baroness Jenny Jones (Green Party member of the London Assembly and the House of Lords) on Tuesday before her appearance on the BBC South East pre-election debate filmed at Chatham Dockyard where she reportedly shone! A couple of pictures have been provided by one of our members (George Meegan) who attended the debate.

P1030633 (1)Baroness Johns

Also Friday’s Medway Messenger included Luke’s answers to various light-hearted questions such as the first records he bought; what he would put in Room 101 (politician speak and David Cameron!) and what he would do if he won the lottery! Luke is very keen on building a footbridge from the centre of Chatham to the Medway City Estate to open up access to the river for everyone.  When asked which one law he would like to see introduced/scrapped, Luke replied that he would like to scrap the first past the post voting system.  Luke says:

The current government doesn’t represent the country in its makeup and that’s what a government should do as a very first starting point. The Greens have struggled to get their voice heard when they have many members and generally had a great and rising support for a number of years now. That’s why we need people to be brave and have the courage to vote for what they believe in rather than what the other parties try to create fear around. I am fed up of listening to the same two-party squabbles that result in zero action locally.

Responses from candidates for the other two seats will be Tuesday’s edition.

Clive Gregory, our Rochester and Strood candidate, has attended a hustings at the King’s School in Rochester which was reported in the Medway Messenger. He was also involved in a debate on “Never Mind the Ballots” on immigration and whether immigrants should get benefits with Ashford UKIP candidate, Gerald O’Brien. The debate got slightly heated! More on this in our next blog!

All three General Election candidates were among those out to support our street stall on Saturday at Strood Market. We were told that we were the only party that had been seen that side of the river!

rsz_2nd_may_008rsz_2nd_may_0062nd may 005

We also had our best turnout for our last batch of leafleting in Rochester West ward on Sunday. Thanks to all those who turned out! Our last stall will be on Wednesday morning in Rochester High Street were we will have Vote Green posters, badges and stakeboards available, if anyone would like to pick one up before polling day.


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