Medway Green Party candidate calls for a stop to social housing stigma

mgp_a52sidedflyer_mpv1Michael Phillips, Medway Green Party local election candidate for River Ward (who lives at St Mary’s Island) has written to the Medway Messenger to raise his objection to language used in Conservative election literature. Michael claims that the language used stigmatises those in the social housing sector.  He also calls for more affordable social housing. Micheal says:

“I recently received a Conservative leaflet which uses supporting testimonials from social housing residents in River Ward. In the same leaflet there is a testimonial from a resident of the Ward (St Mary’s Island) on how tirelessly Conservatives have worked to stop Labour plans ‘to flood the rest of the Island with large numbers of social housing’.

“The use of emotive terms like ‘flood’ seems like scaremongering as it stigmatizes those in the social housing sector. If not for social housing, I would not have been able to afford my first house here. I bought my first house through a shared ownership scheme but it is also important that we have quality homes in the Medway Towns for rent. Not everyone  can afford to buy.

“I wonder if the local Conservatives simply want to scare voters about social housing, or whether they have some kind of ideological opposition to it, in order that affluent areas such as St Mary’s Island are kept only for the elite. We need more affordable social housing for the area to help first time buyers acquire their first home”.

The Green party has pledged to provide 500,000 rentable social homes in England and Wales by 2020 and to bring empty homes back into use to ensure everyone has access to an affordable place to live.

For more information on Michael Phillips, please see his election leaflet and those of our other local election candidates here.


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