Press Release – Medway Green Party – Local Election Candidates

The Medway Green Party is standing candidates across the towns in the up-coming local elections.

Not to be forgotten in General Election fever, the local election of councillors for the Medway Towns will be held on the same day as the General Election. The Green Party are standing thirteen candidates in twelve wards including many new faces alongside familiar ones. The candidates are from a wide range of backgrounds including local business, music, art, photography, town planning, geoscience, and electrical engineering.

Clive Gregory, Medway Green Party Co-ordinator and Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Rochester and Strood says:

“Twelve wards will get the chance to vote for fairness, for equality and for protection of our green spaces. Candidates will be campaigning against the devastating cuts to public sector funding which leave our health, education and welfare services in tatters; and undemocratic decisions such as Medway Council’s proposed development at Lodge Hill. We will campaign to take decision-making back to the people, by supporting local town councils; seeking sustainable housing, energy and transport solutions that are affordable to local people; and fighting to protect independent businesses in our high streets from large corporate chains”.

Clive Gregory is standing in the local election (in Rochester West), as well as in the General Election, alongside David Heritage, who first stood in the 2011 local elections. Other familiar faces are Trish Marchant (Gillingham North) and Simon Marchant (Gillingham South), both of whom have stood previously. Trish and Simon have been actively involved in local campaigns against austerity and climate change for many years. Mary Smith (Rainham Central) like many of the candidates, is standing in her home ward, as is Strood resident Steve Dyke (Strood North). Steve is keen to raise the profile of Strood, Wainscott and Frindsbury, an area he feels is often neglected by Medway Council.

Newcomers include former Chatham Dockyard worker, Michael Phillips (River) who now works as a self-employed geoscientist, training and advising on making maps, increasingly for renewable energy projects; and Bernard Hyde (Rochester South and Horsted) a Chartered Architect and Town Planner who specialises in energy efficient buildings. They are joined by Will Davies who is standing in Rochester East.  Neil Williams (Rainham North) and Luke Balnave (Chatham Central) are, like Clive Gregory, combining their parliamentary campaigns with a fight for seats in the local elections. Finally, the Medway Green team are completed by artist, Rebecca Lehmann (Twydall) and photographer Rich Lehmann (Watling).

Several of the Green Party candidates have recently joined the party, and are part of what has been called the Green surge. Clive Gregory comments:

“The Green surge has now taken us beyond 60,000 members across England and Wales so far, making us the third largest party, larger than UKIP and the Lib Dems. Some of our candidates are new to politics, putting themselves forward to be part of the change that they want to see happen. It is a privilege to work with people with such a wide range of skills and experiences as we campaign together for a better future for the Medway area”.

Candidate list:
Rochester West – Clive Gregory and David Heritage
Rochester East – William Davies
Rochester South and Horsted – Bernard Hyde
Strood North – Steven Dyke
River – Michael Williams
Chatham Central – Luke Balnave
Gillingham North – Trish Marchant
Gillingham South – Simon Marchant
Watling – Rich Lehmann
Twydall – Rebecca Lehman
Rainham North – Neil Williams
Rainham South – Mary Smith

Further details on candidates can be found here:


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