Green Party Animal Manifesto

We are the only party with a dedicated manifesto detailing the steps we would take to protect animals.

Please see national press release on this below. There is a link to the manifesto at the bottom.


The Green Party, strong advocates for animal protection, has released its Animal Manifesto.

The manifesto includes commitments to ban cages for hens and farmed rabbits, ensure dairy cows have access to pasture, and introduce tougher regulations on antibiotic use in animal farming. In addition, the manifesto promises the protection and strengthening of the Hunting Act, an end to animal use in circuses, and tougher rules on the selling of pets.

Caroline Allen, the Green Party’s Spokesperson on Animal Issues, said:

“We know that animal protection is something many people are deeply concerned with and want to hear politicians talk much about more. The proposals in this manifesto will not only protect animals from suffering but will also ensure we protect habitats and start to reverse the dramatic declines we have seen in our native wildlife (1).

“With these strong commitments, that cover all aspects of animal protection, we have shown that by voting Green you are giving animals a voice and sending a strong signal to the other parties that these issues matter.”

The Green Party is polling at record levels ahead of a General Election. Membership of the Green Party of England and Wales sky-rocketed by 123% in 2014 and continues to surge in 2015. The current number of members of the Green Party of England and Wales stands at almost 60,000, making the Green Party the third biggest party in England and Wales.

The Green Party is standing candidates in over 90% of seats, meaning more people will be able to vote Green than ever before.


2) View the animal manifesto here








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