Medway Greens on the General Election campaign trail

With less than four weeks to the General Election, Medway Greens have had a busy and eventful weekend. Starting with a bit of light relief on Friday evening -Green Party members were invited to a Green Jam fundraiser at the Beacon Court in Gillingham, where Neil Williams, Parliamentary Candidate for Gillingham and Rainham, and his fellow band members, entertained members and regulars.


Neil (on the right) at the Beacon Court

Clive Gregory, Parliamentary Candidate for Rochester and Strood,  had to nip away early as he had an early start, being interviewed by Radio Kent on Medway’s debt problem. Calls to a national debt line from people living in Chatham have been particularly high. Clive attributed the rising debt problem to the government’s transfer of our financial problems onto the poorest sections of our society, as well as difficulties in middle income families in adjusting to falling incomes fast enough, and suggested that greater publicity was needed for alternative, cheaper forms of credit, such as the Medway Credit Union.


It was then on to regular campaign work with our weekly stall in Rochester High Street on Saturday where, after a rainy start, the sun allowed us a few hours of leafletting and talking to local people.


Clive Gregory with Luke Balnave (centre) and Steve Dyke

This was followed by house to house leafletting on Sunday morning in the Rochester West constituency, which is good exercise and usually followed by a meet up over coffee! Still lots more to do! Anyone who would like to volunteer to help, please contact us on


Medway Greens prepare to leaflet

Meanwhile Hustings are getting into full swing.  Clive has been to a couple of school Hustings, at Walderslade Girls School and Chatham Grammar School for Boys. At Chatham Boys the Green Party pupil candidate won the debate! Whereas Luke Balnave, Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Chatham and Aylesford attended the Federation of Small Business hustings at the Corn Exchange in Rochester and polled second with the audience! Labour, Lib Dem and UKIP candidates were far behind. Clive has also attended a hustings on the subject of health organised by Radio Kent.  This will be broadcast on Friday at 7 pm. Luke is attending a Radio Kent hustings on health tonight.

Clive has also received press and media interest in his campaign, including an interview for the Daily Politics programme and with Meridian.

Additionally, local candidates have been selected for the Council elections which are on the same day as the General Election, May 7th. Candidates will be standing across the towns in twelve wards with thirteen candidates altogether, two in Rochester West. Details are on our website here.

Stalls will continue to be held in the coming weeks with details to follow, please feel free to come and meet us and our candidates, if you are passing.


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