Medway Green Party chooses local people as General Election candidates

Medway Green Party has finalised parliamentary candidate choices for the 2015 General Election, all of whom live locally. 

Clive Gregory, who recently stood in the Rochester and Strood by-election will continue as Green ParliameAllMedwayCandidates (1)ntary Candidate for Rochester and Strood in the General Election.  Clive will be joined by Neil Williams, standing in the Gillingham and Rainham constituency, and Luke Balnave in Chatham and Aylesford.

Clive, who has lived in Stoke on the Hoo Peninsula for the last 22 years, and is a freelance musician and sound engineer by trade says:

“I joined the Green Party after, like others, becoming disillusioned with mainstream politics. After being dropped in the deep end during the Rochester and Strood by-election – my first experience as a candidate – the heightened media attention gave me an opportunity to put the Green Party’s policies before the people of Rochester and Strood, and much of the nation.

“The Green Party is now the third largest party in England and Wales with over 56,000 members.  Here in the Medway towns we have seen our membership nearly treble since the by-election was called.  I believe we are on the crux of a major turnaround in politics and I am looking forward to working with Neil and Luke in continuing to draw attention to local and national issues and the Green alternative to the failed politics which is letting us all down.”

Neil Williams who works as a Business Architect for Lloyd’s of London (Insurance Market) has lived in the Medway towns all his life and was educated at Woodlands School, Gillingham. His first job was for Lloyds of London Insurance in Dock Road, Chatham.  Neil says:

“During my lifetime in the Medway towns, we have seen big changes in our society, with the closure of the Dockyard in favour of luxury houses and apartments and the dismantling of the local manufacturing industry. We have seen the rise of the global corporate brands that are killing local businesses. Gillingham High Street use to be a bustling, varied retail community to be proud of. It can be once again. We have also seen severe cuts to essential local public services, including the police, fire brigade, ambulance service, care workers and schools. This funding crisis is highlighted by the plight of Medway Maritime Hospital.

“It is now time to halt this decline. The Green Party will stop the government robbing the poor to pay the rich. We will stop them protecting tax-dodging banks and corporations. We will stop them selling the country out to America via TTIP. We will stop them promoting fracking. We will also campaign against expensive and futile Trident nuclear missiles.

“We just need the people of Medway to allow us to protect their interests. I promise that I won’t let them down!”

Luke Balnave, has lived in the Medway towns for nearly five years having moved from London.  An economist by trade, he helped to start up an online insurance broker business in Medway. He has also recently embarked on teacher training, with a placement at Thomas Aveling School, as education is something he is passionate about.  Luke says:

“Although I moved here from London I immediately felt a connection and a sense of community in the Medway towns which encouraged me to become more involved.  I believe we are not given a fair deal in our towns and, where opportunities do exist for getting on, namely the really good network of Colleges & Uni’s, the education should be free; the Greens want to scrap tuition fees.

“I also believe in truly affordable housing.  There are insufficient homes that people can afford to live in currently in Medway.  I oppose development where the profits of the developer come before the needs of local people.

“I believe that we should no longer be at the mercy of global businesses that can close their activities in the Medway towns at a whim, such as happened with the Tesco store in Chatham recently.  We need to support our small hub businesses. We need to give support to those that have made their business happen and bring them closer together.

“We also need to bring banking and corporate tax dodgers to book. The Green Party is all about a progressive tax system, taxing those who can afford it most – based on ability to pay”.

Clive Gregory adds:
“A vote for The Green Party sends a strong message that we, as a nation, want our NHS back.  We want decent and affordable homes and transport, we want free education and an economy that works for us all. We don’t want banks destroying the planet with their greed. We don’t want reckless development that puts profit before protecting nature. We want a society that works for the common good”.

Those interested in finding out more about the Green Party candidates can visit the new Medway Green Party website:


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