Press release: Greens Increase Vote Share In Rochester and Strood By-Election

The Green Party gained 4th place in the Rochester and Strood By-election today, clearly beating the Lib-Dems into 5th place and more than doubling the number of votes received compared with the 2010 General Election.

The Green candidate, Clive Gregory, has been recognised by many as the most convincing candidate of the whole election campaign, and has every intention of continuing the work needed to improve the vote further in May 2015.

Clive said, after the result was announced:

” We are feeling very good and we intend to carry on with the green surge and keep our membership growing. We expect it to double by the end of the year both here and across the UK”

The Greens managed to achieve a big improvement in their vote share with very limited resources as Clive pointed out:

“We have seen the Tories and UKIP throw £100,000 at their campaign and we can’t possibly compete. Our funding comes from small donations and subscriptions. However, we have got out there and talked to hundreds of people on the streets across the constituency. When all the election expenses are submitted I believe you will see that the Greens managed the most economical of all the campaigns”.

The turnout of 50% means 40,000 people didn’t go out to vote and Clive believes that there is all to play for, especially with the youth vote.  He said:

“The younger voters see us as a party of the future, protecting the planet and the environment for them and their children”.

With the Greens now firmly in position as one of the 5 main parties, Clive is hopeful that the success in Rochester and Strood will mean a review of the current media position on the televised pre-election  leadership debates and that Natalie Bennett will be included. A call for Natalie’s inclusion in the debates is the subject of a 270,000 signature petition, supported by non-green voters, as well as Greens.

Clive says:

“People from across the political spectrum regard the potential exclusion of a Green  Party perspective as both unfair and bad for democracy. Additionally many journalists I have spoken to, during my by-election campaign, support this position. Journalists have expressed the fact that not only do Greens deserve to be in the debates on membership and performance numbers, but because we are bringing refreshing and alternative viewpoints to the debate”.


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