Medway Greens – Saying No to Racism

Clive Gregory, Green Party candidate for Rochester and Strood joins anti-racism stand-off in Rochester.

Clive Gregory was the only candidate of the main five parties to be seen at a stand-off in Rochester High Street on rsz_p1040081Saturday in which Medway residents and anti-racism protesters used peaceful means to block the way of the extremist right wing organisation, Britain First.  Britain First were outnumbered by the protesters who stood behind a banner with the words “They shall not pass” and the slogan “Rochester against Fascism”.

Clive Gregory says:

“I’m a passionate believer in free speech.  I believe free speech is total, we cannot filter out the bits we don’t like and still call it free speech.  However, Britain First have gone beyond expressing opinions in the spirit of free speech and have become purveyors of hatred, backed by aggression and a desire for confrontation.

“It was great, therefore, to stand shoulder to shoulder with other local people, anti-racism protesters and Green Party colleagues, in sending a strong message to Britain First that they are not welcome in Medway.

“We would also like to thank the police for ensuring calmness in Rochester and for allowing the people of Medway to make their stand against racism.

“As the last weekend before polling day, we had planned to do some canvassing both in Rochester and Strood but the standoff went on longer than we expected. We therefore cancelled the planned canvassing for the day. We felt it more important to stand our ground with the other three hundred or so protesters, until Britain First had no option but to retreat”.

Medway Green Party have chosen “Green Party – saying no to racism” for their voting ballot papers on Thursday.


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