Press release: Greens on the up in by-election poll

The Green Party is on track to beat the Liberal Democrats in the Rochester and Strood by-election, according to the latest polling (1). In Lord Ashcroft’s Poll, the Greens are polling in fourth (4%), two points ahead of the junior Coalition partners (2%).

This poll was carried out before the screening of BBC South East programme “The Battle for Rochester and Strood” where comments by the Green candidate were well received by the audience and viewers.   It is not yet known what impact this favourable reaction and continued visibility of the Rochester and Strood candidate, and other Greens, both in the media and out on the streets of Rochester will have on the final result, and many floating voters have said they are considering voting Green.

Clive Gregory says:

“Once the media allow us to be heard, people like what we stand for.  We are the only party opposed to austerity and the scapegoating of minority groups who are not responsible for our current crises. The public applaud straight talking on the state of our financial system and the control that big businesses and banks have on our lives. We have to get past the damaging rhetoric that the other parties are using to deflect from their own failures.

“People are also beginning to wake up to the fact that the Green Party is the only credible opposition in UK politics. We consistently come out top when people vote on policies alone (2) and, with our national membership increasing by a staggering 83% since the beginning of the year, we are reaching the point where anything could happen”.

Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett, Co-Deputy Leaders Dr Shahrar Ali and Amelia Womack and MEP Keith Taylor have been on the campaign trail with Green candidate Clive Gregory in recent weeks.

Natalie Bennett said:

“The Ashcroft poll is a strong result for the Green Party, showing us well ahead of the Lib Dems.

“This is a credit to the local candidate and team who are doing a great job getting out the Green Party message of a society that works for the common good.

“I also found when I visited Rochester and Strood that voters were really appreciating the fact that Clive Gregory and the Green Party nationally were speaking out against the dangerous, damaging, divisive rhetoric of Ukip on immigration, when other parties were either pandering to it or staying silent”.

Shahrar Ali, Co-Deputy Leader and the author of ‘Why Vote Green?’ said:

“The people of Rochester and Strood deserve a better deal than that on offer from the other parties. Only the Greens will address the causes of a dysfunctional economic system that puts bankers ahead of local businesses. Only the Greens will put steps in place to protect the planet from the harms of unabated fossil fuel consumption. I am proud to be campaigning alongside Clive in this by-election and ask you to vote for our positive vision.”

Amelia Womack, Co-Deputy Leader and member of the Young Greens’ programme said:

“It’s clear that people want change from the same old rhetoric of the main parties. But it’s only the Greens who have fought for quality housing for all, only Greens who are pushing for a national living wage of £10 per hour and only Greens who will provide evidence based solutions to build a stronger and fairer society and environment. As a local campaigner, Clive is working to fight for the issues that affect residents of Rochester and Strood without blaming the most vulnerable in our society”.







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