Latest Update from Medway Greens

CG_explainsTTIP_111014v4We are now heading towards our last week of campaigning for Clive ahead of the election day on Thursday 20th.
Its been a busy few weeks for us, expensive (but not compared to the 3 main parties), tiring, exhilarating (massive increase in membership locally), enjoyable (visits from party leaders) and friendly (people are polite and welcoming even if they don’t agree with your politics).


Clive has taken part in 3 hustings, a public meeting, and numerous outdoor events in Rochester, Strood, the Peninsula and the area of the constituency that stretches round to St Mary’s Island that includes Brompton.

Immigration has been the main topic for the media but not for the public except in their determination to not be associated with any undercurrent of racism. Most people are worried about the NHS and our local hospital, development in the wrong places, school places, poverty and the way the banks have “got away with it”.

The greens have surprised many who are at last getting to hear about all the other facets of the green party, the social justice and renationalisation, the party of animal rights.

If you want to get involved or learn more about us tells you about our policies.

Medway Green PartyStallCrew4


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