Green Party politicians join Rochester and Strood parliamentary candidate, Clive Gregory, on the campaign trail

Green Party leader, Natalie Bennett, yesterday visited Rochester and Strood with parliamentary candidate Clive Gregory. Natalie showed her support for the Medway Green’s campaign against the Lodge Hill development. It is feared that plans to build 5,000 houses on the site – which have  been approved by Conservative-led Medway Council – could lead to the destruction of the natural habitat at Lodge Hill. The site has been designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest, as it supports the UK’s largest nightingale population.

Natalie spoke with local people in Rochester High Street and canvassed outside Rochester Station on the Green Party’s promise to take the railways back into public hands.

Natalie’s visit will be followed by a visit this weekend from South East Green MEP, Keith Taylor, who will be joining Clive and other local Greens at a stall in Rochester High Street on Saturday 8th November from 11-1 pm.
Deputy Leaders Amelia Womack and Shahrar Ali are due to visit on Sunday 9th November and attend a public meeting at Strood Library.
Clive Gregory, Green Party Candidate for Rochester and Strood commented:

“We had a great day with Natalie in Rochester.  We are now looking forward to welcoming Keith, Shahrar and Amelia to Rochester and Strood.  We are particularly looking forward to Shahrar and Amelia taking part in our public meeting on Sunday. It is very clear that the Green Party is the only credible opposition in UK politics”.

Shahrar Ali, Co-Deputy Leader and the author of “Why Vote Green?” said:

“The people of Rochester and Strood deserve a better deal than that on offer from the other parties. Only the Green Party looks out for the daily and long-term needs of ordinary families. Only the Greens will address the causes of a dysfunctional economic system that puts bankers ahead of local businesses. Only the Greens will put steps in place to protect the planet from the harms of unabated fossil fuel consumption. I am proud to be campaigning alongside Clive in this by-election and ask you to vote for our positive vision.”

Amelia Womack, Co-Deputy Leader and member of the Young Greens’ programme said:
“It’s clear that people want change from the same old rhetoric of the main parties. But it’s only the Greens who have fought for quality housing for all, only Greens who are pushing for a national living wage of £10/hour and only Greens who will provide evidence based solutions to build a stronger and fairer society and environment. As a local campaigner, Clive is working to fight for the issues that affect residents of Rochester and Strood without blaming the most vulnerable in our society”.

Presentations will be followed by a Q and A session at which the panel can be asked to expand on any issues that concern those attending.

Everyone is invited to the Green Party public meeting and refreshments will be provided.

It is taking placed on Sunday 9th November from 3 pm – 4.30 pm at Strood Library, 32 Bryant Road, Strood, ME2 3EP.

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