Medway Greens on The Campaign Trail – Saying No to Racism

Clive Gregory, Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Rochester and Strood, was out in Rochester High Street on Saturday alongside fellow Greens.

Clive comments:

“It was a great start to a run of planned stalls that we will be holding in Rochester, Strood and the Hoo Peninsula over the coming weeks. We received lots of positive reactions and interest in both our political outlook and the complete contrast we represent to all the major parties campaigning in this election. Local people were telling us how relieved they were to see a Green presence in Rochester.“The campaign so far has seen me talking to residents of Rochester & Strood about the secret deal between the European Union and the US, TTIP, which will lead to de-regulation of finance, industry and further privatisation of the NHS. We have also been running petitions to keep the NHS in public hands and against the development at Lodge Hill”.

The Green Party was not the only party out talking to voters on Saturday. Far right extremists, Britain First, were seen carrying large union jacks along Rochester High Street, with loud musical accompaniment.

Clive comments:
“We would expect all the main parties to condemn the type of activity that Britain First are involved in. However I was disturbed to see a whole line of UKIP officials warmly shaking the hands of the Britain First contingent. Is this how they distance themselves from racism?”

Medway Green Party have chosen the option “Green Party – Say No To Racism” as their description on the ballot paper.

Clive says:
“UKIP, supported by the Tories and Labour, are fuelling a climate of fear, for both UK citizens and immigrant workers, that is based on misinformation. We would question the logic of making a reduction in immigration a sole objective of policy; maximising the benefits of migration while minimising the costs is a much better goal.  We must also get back to the issue of out of control banking and lending – the reason why the nation’s and much of the world’s economy collapsed in 2008 leading to today’s austerity.  Both UKIP and the Tories are desperately trying to brush this subject under the carpet and we should be asking WHY!?

“We have chosen the ‘say no to racism’ platform to emphasise our concern with the potential outcome of divisive propaganda being used by the other parties”.

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