No Cure for Debt – the CAB and Wonga Disaster

So the folly of the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) going into league with the debt inducing pay day loan company, Wonga, has finally come to fruition. The ironic pact was to give the CAB and locals the true scale of debt, its causes and perhaps a path to a general solution. But no, the survey has failed to materialise and even the chair of the committee has resigned from the job. But was it not another irony that the chair was in the first place Tracy Crouch MP. For as surely as eggs is eggs it is the Tories who have caused more debt than even the Labour government before them. By deregulating banking, gambling and loan companies; By taking away protection for workers, tenants, the retired and the unemployed; By allowing house prices to inflate to a crash not once but now, again, at this time. It is widely recognised that house prices are unstably high. Even things like making bankruptcy easy, which it shouldn’t be because of the damage it can cause to your future finances, and many other moves over the last 20 years that favour the rich at a detriment to everybody else.

The report never came because the CAB are overworked; Overworked by all those people in debt. It’s worse than that, as you have to be in massive debt to even get an appointment. But the CAB has had its budget cut like everything else since the banks robbed us blind.

I despair how money and power have come to be so corrupted in recent times. The games played by UKIP to garner media attention whilst masking the fact that they are just a bunch of right wing Tories, backed by rich eurosceptics, is just another example.

The ploys used by the rich and powerful: they chair committees, they criticise each other, but they never let us know what we can do. When did Social Services explain everything to you, or the Benefits agency, or the NHS for that matter. But they also blame the little people who have no right, or path to reply. This makes it seem that the workers cause the problems instead of the rules they work by, or the cuts they have to try and work through.

So here we are, no surprise. No report on debt but all the pay day loans shops still open. No wide promotion of the excellent and socially beneficial Medway Credit Union, which you can find on the upper floor in the Pentagon, on the right if you go up the escalators.

I would be disappointed, if I had even expected more, but frankly I didn’t. Same old politics same old power brokering, vested interests and blame culture that keeps the powerful in power. Shame on them all.

Clive Gregory

Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Rochester and Strood







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