Rochester and Strood By-Election Candidate Demands Answer on HIV Comment

Medway Green Party have asked Mark Reckless, UKIP parliamentary candidate for Rochester and Strood, to respond to comments made by the party’s leader regarding migrants with HIV.

Shortly before his visit to Rochester to support Mark Reckless in wooing voters for the upcoming by-election, Nigel Farage was reported to comment that he felt that migrants with HIV should be banned from the UK.

Clive Gregory, parliamentary candidate for Rochester and Strood says:

“Nigel Farage made his ignorant and ill-informed comment in the same breath as talking about criminals and murderers.  This perpetuates the stigma of a disease which 100,000 people in the UK live with.  With treatment it is perfectly possible for those who have this condition to have a normal life expectancy and be non-infectious.

“Nigel Farage should be ashamed of himself.  By singling out a condition which is already shrouded in stigma and mis-information, he is responsible for increasing levels of fear.  Would he have made the same comment about migrants with cancer or diabetes? Those in public office, or with potential for public office, should be working hard to reduce stigma rather than putting more barriers up”.

Clive Gregory will be out and about in the coming weeks talking to voters.



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