Press Release: Green Candidate on TTIP

Green candidate, Clive Gregory, talks to Rochester and Strood voters about TTIP deal

While Mark Reckless was out in Rochester High Street last Saturday, wooing voters for the much publicised UK Independence Party,  Clive Gregory, parliamentary candidate for the Green Party, was backing a day of action, organised  by 38 degrees, against a poorly publicised trade deal between USA and the EU.

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP for short) is currently being negotiated behind closed doors, but aspects have been leaked.  It has been described by 38 Degrees, a people powered organisation, as dangerous for the state and its citizens as it will turn the power of elected  national governments over to corporations.

Clive Gregory says:

“This trade agreement, which is more about de-regulation than free trade, would allow foreign corporations to sue our government for millions if laws were passed that damaged their profits.  In effect, this will undermine the ability of the British government to make decisions on behalf of the British people. It would also see off any attempt s to reverse the privatisation of the NHS as US Health companies would have the ability to sue the government for millions. Furthermore, it would threaten protections for working people, practically non-existent in the US.  Measures to protect the environment would be difficult to introduce if they affected company profits, illustrated by the outcome of a similar trade deal between the US, Canada and Mexico. This allowed a fracking company to sue the Canadian  government for 250 million US dollars, after the residents of Quebec voted in a referendum to protect the environment from fracking. This deal is therefore the complete opposite of people power.”

38 Degrees are encouraging people to call on their MEPs to vote against TTIP.   While the Tory Party are the only party that fully back the deal, the Green Party remains the only party who completely oppose it, and are keen to alert the public to its dangers. UKIP MEPs, Nigel Farage and Raymond Finch remain non-committal.

Clive Gregory comments:

“You would have thought that with UKIP’s claim to speak on behalf of the British people, they would use their huge access to publicity to alert the public to this deal. However they are city boys; they are little different to the Tories that finance them.  The only way to send a really clear message to Westminster that we want change is to vote Green”.


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