Victory for Kent campaigners as frackers back away


Victory for Kent campaigners as frackers back awayAnti-fracking campaigners in Kent are celebrating a victory as fracking firm Coast Oil and Gas have backed away from plans to drill across three sites in the county.

The company, which had applied for permission to drill three exploratory boreholes, has withdrawn its planning applications but hopes to re-submit them in the future. [1]

Keith Taylor, the Green Party’s MEP for Kent and a leading anti-fracking campaigner, said:

“This is a small but significant victory in the long fight against fracking that’s taking place across South East England. Over and over again we’re seeing local campaigns spring up and stand their ground against multinational companies intent on carving up the countryside.”

Julie Wassmer, vice chairman of East Kent Against Fracking, said: “Coastal Oil and Gas were asked to produce more information for the Environment Agency and obviously they couldn’t or they would have submitted it by now.

“I believe this clearly demonstrates that the company was unable to satisfy the demands for more information on how Kent water would be protected from contamination by drilling.

“This is a victory in the sense that yesterday we had three applications for drilling in East Kent and today we have none. I think all the opposition was a blow to Coastal who underestimated our power.

“Let this be a lesson to KCC now and if Coastal does submit fresh applications, they will have to do far more to create a dialogue with the people.”

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