Medway Greens add to criticism of Medway Council living wage rejection

Medway Greens are disappointed to learn that Tory led Medway Council have rejected the proposal to pay employees, directly employed by the Council, a living wage.Image

Steve Dyke, Medway Green Party member comments:

“Paying employees a living wage is supported by the Green Party and has been adopted by Green led Brighton and Hove Council, as well as several other Councils, and businesses across the country. The Green Party believe that if you work full time, your employer should pay you enough money to live on.  Paying below this rate is not a basis on which people can build their lives and increases poverty.”

Steve adds:

“A living wage could also provide big savings in other subsidies paid to prop up inadequate incomes, including tax credits, council tax and housing benefits.  Benefits to Medway Council could have included increased productivity, higher rates of retention and recruitment and less time lost to sickness.  These are all potential outcomes evidenced by The Living Wage Foundation”.

“As well as being a missed opportunity for Medway Council, this gives the impression that the Tory members of the Council do not care about the wellbeing of their employees. Medway Greens call on the Council to reconsider.”

Benefits of living wage:

Medway Green Party can be found at:






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