Press Release: Medway Greens Back RSPB’s “Build a Million Homes” Campaign

Painted Lady in Medway Green Party member’s garden

Painted Lady in Medway Green Party member’s garden

Medway Green Party calls on Medway residents to consider the need for wildlife habitats and support the RSPB “Build a Million Homes” campaign.

As a recent study (1) discovers a 60% decline in UK wildlife and plant species, Medway Green Party urges Medway residents to do their bit towards providing habitats in their own gardens.

Mary Smith, Medway Green Party member comments:

“We can all do our bit in our own gardens to help prevent further erosion of wildlife habitats by making very simple changes. RSPB (2) are asking those of us with outside space to consider doing things that will attract wildlife such as planting wildlife friendly plants, putting down small piles of dead wood or leaving areas of grass un-mown”.

A recent study carried out by the RSPB (2) found 60% of UK species to be in decline. This is due to a combination of modern farming practices, building and development which removes natural habitats.  Once the habitat is removed, it is difficult to replace. The report also points out that, left alone, nature can flourish in unlikely areas, such as abandoned industrial sites known as brown field land.  Brownfield land can often provide a richer and more diverse range of habitats over time, than greenfield land, because the land is left alone.

Mary Smith comments:

““Sometimes it is better if we leave things a little untidy and this is something we can also consider in our own gardens.  We all have busy lives and often feel the need to cut down on garden maintenance by putting down paving, decking or gravel.  The trouble with this is that it is a sterile environment which doesn’t provide habitat for wildlife.  We don’t really need to do a lot to allow wildlife to flourish.  It is a great to follow the advice of RSPB but also if we are able to relax our need for tidiness and take into account that wildlife also needs a home, nature will respond”.

Mary adds: “I would urge everyone to take a look at the advice given by RSPB towards saving our wildlife.”

The RSPB campaign, and guide to encouraging wildlife into our gardens, can be found here:




(1)   RSPB State of Nature report:

(2)   RSPB campaign:

Medway Green Party can be found at:


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