Save our NHS say Medway Greens, and support our local hospital

nhs peopleMedway Green Party responds to Keogh report and negative media reporting.

Medway Green Party has called for central investment rather than target driven initiatives in response to the Keogh report on Medway Maritime Hospital, as well as for the hospital and the community to work together in a positive way to improve the quality of care.

The Keogh report panel recommend that improvements be made in training, buildings, attracting permanent staff and listening and responding to public concerns as well calling for the continuation of what the review panel called, the “pace and spread” of existing good practices (1).

Mary Smith, Medway Green Party member and spokesperson on Health and Social Care issues comments:

“We welcome the Keogh report in highlighting and helping Medway Maritime Hospital to work on the improvements that urgently need to be made. It must also be noted that the review panel commented on coming into contact with a tremendous amount of enthusiastic staff committed to doing the right things for patients. A patient representative said that staff at Medway really want to make things better and are not fed-up, but tired as they work so hard (1).  Negative media reporting is not the way to improve things in this instance”.

Mary Smith adds:

“Both the current coalition Tory/Lib Dem government and the previous Labour government have pushed through a marketplace approach to health care which is working against us, placing too much emphasis on competing with other trusts and private health companies, rather than improving front line care for everyone. On top of that are the cuts in budget, proposed over the next financial year, which will make it even harder for our local hospital to achieve the improvements that are clearly needed”.

“The Green Party and many people in Medway and across the UK have made it very clear that we want the NHS to remain a well-funded public body. That is the only way all patients can have the best care possible. Please join the Keep Our NHS Public campaign, support your local hospital and get involved in the changes at community level where you can”.

The Keep Our NHS Public campaign can be found here:





Medway Green Party can be found at:






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