Medway Greens join campaign against eviction as homelessness rises by 42%

ImageMedway Green Party is taking on a Victorian theme in Rochester High Street on Saturday 13th July to campaign against eviction as a result of non-payment of the “bedroom tax”, levied against households classed as under-occupied. Members of the party will be collecting petition signatures at their stall opposite the Deaf Cat in Rochester High Street from 11am to 1 pm.

Trish Marchant, Medway Green Party Co-ordinator comments:

“Please pop along to see us at our stall on Saturday and to sign our petition. We all need to do as much as we can to help prevent local people losing their homes”.

Medway Green Party will be calling on Medway Council to follow the example of Green led Brighton Council, and other Councils up and down the country, who have guaranteed that none of their local residents will be evicted as a result of difficulties paying the bedroom tax.

Medway Council have recently reported missing their target of reducing the number of local families being forced to live in temporary accommodation. This has been attributed to a 42% rise in the last year of households presenting as homeless in Medway.

Trish Marchant comments: “It is no myth that the coalition government is taking us back to the Victorian Age with rising homelessness, a direct result of their draconian measures to make the poorest pay for a situation they are not responsible for. However, evicting tenants due to arrears in bedroom tax, when there are no smaller properties available is simply adding to the problem. Medway Council can at least vow to protect people from being evicted due to being simply unable to pay the bedroom tax. If other Councils can do this, so can Medway”.

Reports say that over 600,000 families are affected by this additional charge and that the stress and worry of losing their homes has pushed people to suicide and serious health issues.

Notes:Figures obtained from:

Health and Adult Social Care Overview and Scrutiny Committee 25 June 2013
2012/2013 Year End Performance Monitoring (Appendix 2 – Council Plan Monitoring 2012/2013)

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