Steve Campkin fighting against live animal export

Posted on behalf of Steve Campkin of Ashford Greens:

As far as I can see the local press have neglected to print my letter, so here it is in full:

“I would like to pledge my full support for the young lady arrested at the Live Exports demonstration on Thursday 20th June. I was at the demonstration, and emotions run very high when we are treated as criminals for caring about the suffering of others, while those that impose that suffering for profit are protected by law. I hope she will join us at any further demonstrations. I would also like to extend thanks and apologies to the policeman who was there for our protection as much as anything else, and also helped us put our banners up!

“We are calling for Dover Harbour Board to allow the RSPCA to inspect the animal welfare standards. We are also campaigning for traveling times across Europe reduced to a maximum of 8 hours. Further to this, we are campaigning for an end to this vile trade.

“The first issue is in the hands of Dover Harbour Board. The second is solely the remit of the European Union, of which we are a powerful part. All Green Party EU candidates have pledged their support for our campaigns across Kent and London, and a ban on live exports is Green Party policy.

“People need to write to their MEP’s and EU candidates from other parties, with the European elections next May, to secure support for our campaigns.

“But, ultimately, the power is in the hands of consumers. We must buy high quality British organic meat from local producers at farmer’s markets, and reduce our consumption of both meat and dairy in general, or maybe even completely, thus reducing our chances of degenerative diseases, slashing our carbon footprint by 17% and eliminating both live exports and badger culls.”

Steve Campkin
Ashford Green Party


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