Medway Green Party welcomes postal workers ballot as success for industrial democracy.


Medway Green Party echoes leader Natalie Bennett’s support for Royal Mail staff in their fight to protect their pensions, pay and jobs in the face of privatisation plans proposed by Coalition government.

The results to the four questions asking support for the unions policy all came back with a yes vote in the 92% to 99% bracket. With a ballot return of 74% members of the Communication Workers Unions believe that the result cannot be ignored or undermined by management.

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett confirmed she would be meeting with senior figures in the CWU to discuss these issues with a supportive agenda. Speaking in a personal capacity Richard Patey, Medway Green Party member and CWU rep, said “It should come as no surprise to anyone that privatisation, which has led to stagnation of wages, erosion of terms and conditions, attacks on pension rights and savage job cuts in so many other industries, has been met with dismay within the postal sector”.

He added that the strength of the turn out was an endorsement of the unions strategy of opposition and continued striving to defend pay and conditions. “This is a true example of democracy in action and the resulting flurry of activity at the top levels of the organisation is a fine indication that working people have real power over their destinies when they speak with one voice. I am very proud of my colleagues”.




Medway Green Party can be found at:

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