Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett On Tour – today Wye tomorrow the Weald

By Trish Marchant

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett  spoke to Medway and Kent Greens at the summer general meeting in Wye last Saturday (22nd June). It was the icing on the cake as we were also lucky enough to have our brilliant MEP Keith Taylor, notable Brighton councillor and second in the Euro list Alex Philips and Kents 2 groundbreaking new green councillors Martin Whybrow and Ian Driver.

After the meeting business and training sessions with Keith and Alex we listened to a thoughtful and progressive presentation from Natalie. She spoke with commitment and passion about climate change, consumerism, the fact that over 90% of our fruit is imported, exploitation of poor countries and the terrible failure of the current outdated economic system.

My personal concern recently is that the party has focussed so much on opening the door to disaffected left wing voters that the biggest threat of all, climate change, has been left on the shelf in case it puts off potential new members. However Natalie has no doubt that the health of the planet is of the utmost importance and spoke not only about the threats to the environment but also about making best use of our land for food and the embedded carbon in the cheap purchases we make from the likes of Primark.

Enjoy these videos of Natalie in action. The first one is in the wrong orientation for a few seconds at the start. Lets hope that we see more of Natalie on our screens in the coming months, the green party is growing and its about time the media recognised a party with true commitment to both people and the planet, no gimmicks just sustainability, compassion and equality at its heart.


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