Medway Greens Vote for the Credit Union!

medwaycreditunionIn response to Dan Bloom’s article in the Medway Messenger on pawn broking and pay day loan companies in the area, the Medway Green Party dispute claims made by John Nichols, chief executive of H & T.  Firms, like his own, which charge high rates of interest, or force people to part with items of sentimental value, are not the only provision in Medway for people on low incomes.

The Green Party supports ethical money lenders like credit unions rather than payday loan firms which we believe are taking advantage of poverty.  The Medway Green Party would urge local people to consider the Medway Credit Union as an alternative way to both save and borrow money at very reasonable rates. The Medway Credit Union is a financial co-operative so is owned, controlled and run by members.  It is run voluntarily and any profits made are redistributed to members.

As long as people live or work in Medway, an account can be opened with a small initial fee of £4. After three months, members are able to borrow in proportion to the amount they have saved. The more members who join, the more likely that profits will be made which are then redistributed to members. This is instead of giving huge profits to private companies who simply want to make money out of other people’s misery.

The Medway Credit Union is currently based in the Trafalgar Centre (In-Shops) in Chatham High Street, just past Debenhams, but will shortly be moving to the first floor of the Pentagon Centre.

Medway Credit Union can be contacted by telephone, 01634 403335, email or by visiting their website

They are open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays between 11 am and 2 pm.


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