Press Release: Get Medway Cycling

Medway Green Party supports the recommendations of the ‘Get Britain Cycling’ report (1).

Trish Marchant, Medway Green Party Co-ordinator explains:

“The Get Britain Cycling report of the All Party Cycling Group in Parliament offers many important recommendations of relevance to Medway. Health, education, sport, business and the environment all benefit from increasing levels of cycling. Investment is needed in Medway to reduce ill-health and obesity. We need to help people live healthier lives and cut down on costly medical attention. Making cycling more attractive and accessible to people would contribute to this”.

Trish adds:

“It should also be noted that carbon dioxide in the planet’s atmosphere has now reached 400 parts per million, the highest level for over 3 million years. This makes it urgent that greater efforts must be made to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or radical increases in temperature and climate instability will make life in Medway far more difficult than we have ever experienced”.

The Report recommends more 20 mph limits; increasing cycling from 2% of all journeys in 2011 to 10% by 2025; and improved access and availability to training to enhance cycling skills. Medway Green Party supports extending cycle routes to help this process and creating cycling networks throughout the town.

Trish comments:

“It is not enough to simply put cycle lanes here and there which don’t allow people to complete the journey. Not only is this less safe and less convenient for cyclists, but cycle journeys that compete with cars are likely to make climate change worse, not improve it (2). What we need is dedicated lanes for cyclists to be incorporated into every road improvement programme. The report recommends that its recommendations can be achieved by a sustained public investment of a mere £10-20 per year, per head.”

Medway Green Party also urges the public to sign the epetition calling for the recommendations of the Get Britain Cycling report to be implemented. This can be found at: Signatures stand at about 57,000 already and the petition closes on 23rd April 2014.



1. Summary and recommendations from the report:

2. Car versus bike: road design to cut pollution


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