Press Release: Medway Greens Prepare for 2015

Members volunteer for Green Party candidate training and manifesto development.

With the local elections in full flow in other areas of the country this week, the Medway Greens have concentrated their focus on the fight ahead. Several members have volunteered for a training course, delivered by the Green Party, in order to prepare members for the 2015 General Election. Party Co-ordinator, Trish Marchant, commented:

“At a time of austerity, when this coalition government is attacking every vulnerable group in society, we are proud to have so many members willing to stand up and be counted. At times like these, if you are not involved in the fight, you are telling the coalition that it is OK by you. You can only create change by getting active”.

Alongside preparing candidates, the Medway Greens are busy putting together their full 2015 election manifesto. Trish Marchant spoke about the wide range of areas it will cover:

“We are fine tuning the details of our policies on everything from culture and the arts to animal rights, as well as the issues prominent in everyone’s minds: housing, education, transport, policing, social care and the local economy. Our vision is of communities working together to meet everyone’s needs. Our policies will encompass sustainability, equality and compassion. We want to make Medway a cleaner, greener, fairer, safer and more democratic place. These aims are achievable; all it requires is political courage”.

Trish also stressed the Green Party’s ethos of equal participation:

“We are not a party of leaders and followers; we encourage local members to be actively involved. Flying in candidates from other areas is something we like to avoid. Our candidate pool is made up of local members who live and involve themselves in the local community and the local party. We also hold meetings where every detail of our manifesto undergoes friendly debate between our members”.

Alongside election preparations, Green Party members continue to regularly take part in a wide range of peaceful actions, designed to campaign against injustices, raise awareness of environmental threats, as well as advocate changes in policy which they believe will benefit us all.

“We are a party committed to bringing about change,” adds Trish, “It’s not simply about competing in elections”.


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