Press Release: Medway Greens Respond to Boris’s Maggie Airport Tribute

Medway Greens have responded to Boris Johnson’s suggestion that the proposed Thames Estuary Airport should be named after former Prime Minster, Margaret Thatcher, as a form of tribute.

Trish Marchant, Medway Green Co-ordinator comments:

“It may seem, perhaps, rather pointed that this Prime Minister’s name should be associated with an airport proposal hated by so many. Not only would this airport cause devastation to local wildlife, and the local community, but aviation is one of the biggest threats to reducing carbon emissions we have. This is due to it being the fastest growing area of economic growth, as well as there being limited technological options for reducing carbon in aviation. The Green Party is therefore against airport expansion in any form”.

Margaret Thatcher is famous for her conviction to a political agenda which changed the future of the country as well as the division that her time in office caused.

The Marchant family have their own negative experience of Thatcherism as Trish’s husband Simon, also a Medway Green Party member, recalls:

“I come from a Conservative background. My dad was an overt supporter of the Tory Party. However he was blind, like all Tories, to the effect that Margaret Thatcher’s policies had on people like me. This, even as Thatcher closed the dockyard, and made thousands of local people unemployed. I was out of work for four and a half years in the early eighties. Thatcher stole my confidence, my education, my mental health, my entire future from that time. I am still suffering from it to this day. I know full well, from my own experience, the devastating effect that Margaret Thatcher’s policies had on ordinary people”.

Simon adds:

“Yes, Margaret Thatcher was a conviction politician, but I would describe that as unconcerned conviction. She didn’t seem to care what affect her policies had on ordinary people. My desire to work against injustice stems from my own experience, and what I saw happen to my friends”.

Margaret Thatcher did, however, have a concern that may have won the hearts of many a Green campaigner. She was concerned about the effect that human behaviour could have on the future of the planet. Margaret Thatcher once warned:

“The danger of global warming is, as yet, unseen, but real enough for us to make changes and sacrifices so that we do not live at the expense of future generations”.

Trish Marchant comments:

“What is ironic, and in her favour, is that Margaret Thatcher was actually the first world leader to acknowledge the risk of environmental damage, and raise the profile of our need to respond to it. We certainly could do with a lot more conviction from our current politicians on that score. We have already wasted a lot of time”.

Since Margaret Thatcher came to power in 1979, the volume of Arctic sea ice has reduced dramatically. Predictions for total elimination of summer Arctic ice are between five and thirty years. This is likely to bring in permanent change towards extreme weather conditions such as drought, flooding, cold spells and heat waves.

Trish continues:

“Margaret Thatcher was right to be concerned. However, unfortunately her policies of encouraging greed, and putting profit-making above every other consideration, have made things worse. For politicians of all colours, to finally start taking that concern seriously and act on it would be a true tribute. At least the Green Party can be trusted to take action.”

“Boris Johnson, of course, has no interest in protecting the planet, wildlife or the well-being of ordinary people. However, in view of the conflict between the former Prime Minister’s stated wish to prevent environmental destruction and the damage that airport expansion would have, Boris’ suggestion is truly bonkers”.


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