Fight for Flight

The Captive Animals’ Protection Society (CAPS) has launched a new campaign, Fight for Flight. The campaign aims to see the cruel practice of pinioning ā€“ the mutilation of birds to keep them in captivity ā€“ banned in the UK.

Thousands of birds in UK zoos and nature parks have the end of one wing deliberately severed when they are a few days old simply so they can be kept in captivity.

Please sign the petition and write to your MP asking them to support the call to ban pinioning. Thank you.

The Green Party’s animal rights policy includes this section:
“AR417 To abolish zoos and private collections of animals except where they are for the benefit of the animal concerned. Licences will only be granted to establishments involved in either captive breeding of endangered species for eventual return to the wild or else those offering genuine sanctuary to animals unable, through injury and other cause, to be returned to the wild and where their living conditions are as close as possible to the animal’s natural habitat.”

David M. Davison

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