Horse Racing

Notice of Animal Aid’s Horse Racing Awareness Week:

Animal Aid also provides a template e-mail to send to friends/colleagues explaining why they should not bet on the Grand National:

Did you know, for example, that between 2000 and 2011, 35 horses lost their lives at the Grand National?

The Race Horse Death Watch web site is also worth visiting:

The site records all horse deaths since 13th March 2007 and includes options to list the data by course, jockey, and going. According to the site, there has been a race horse death every 2.3 days since 13th March 2007 (942 deaths in 2,195 days). The latest horse death was 10-year-old Matuhi at the Cheltenham Festival on 14th March 2013.  At the bottom of this posting is a table of all the horse deaths at Cheltenham for the period 13th March 2007 to 14th March 2013 – a total of 44 (the table has been taken from the Race Horse Death Watch web site).

Green Party policy (

“AR418: The Green Party will end the exploitation of animals in horse racing, greyhound racing and all situations where animals are commercially raced. There would be an immediate ban on the use of the whip in horse racing and in jumps racing, and on the use of a non-linear track in greyhound racing. A single regulatory authority would be put in place for each sport, tasked with establishing and enforcing strict welfare standards. There would be a requirement for full traceability of all animals involved in racing throughout their lives (using microchip technology where applicable) and full publication of injury and death statistics. These statistics would be used as evidence to close dangerous tracks and ban trainers with poor records. Breeding and import of animals for racing will be tightly regulated and monitored to improve welfare and prevent over-breeding. There would be regulation on the conditions and times of transportation of animals used in sport as well as the housing of all animals. A high level of compulsory levy would be imposed on all betting, to be used solely for welfare improvements.”

Back in February 2011, I posted a blog, Whipping Does Not Make Racehorses Run Faster, relating to horse racing:

David M. Davison

Horse Deaths from 13th March 2007 to 14th March 2013 at Cheltenham
Horse Date Course Cause of Death
Matuhi 2013-03-14 Cheltenham Fell – Spinal Injury – Destroyed
Cristal Bonus (FR) 2012-12-15 Cheltenham Off-hind Leg Injury – Destroyed
Hildisvini (IRE) 2012-12-14 Cheltenham Fell – Broke Shoulder – Destroyed
Ambrose Princess (IRE) 2012-11-16 Cheltenham Fell – Broke Neck – Dead
Abergavenny 2012-03-14 Cheltenham Fell – Broke Elbow – Destroyed
Featherbed Lane (IRE) 2012-03-14 Cheltenham Broke Leg – Destroyed
Scotsirish (IRE) 2012-03-13 Cheltenham Broke Hind Leg – Destroyed
Garde Champetre (FR) 2012-03-13 Cheltenham Broke Down – Destroyed
Educated Evans (IRE) 2012-03-13 Cheltenham Fell – Injured – Destroyed
Mr Chow (IRE) 2012-01-28 Cheltenham Leg Injury – Destroyed
Hidden Keel 2012-01-01 Cheltenham Broke Leg – Destroyed
May Be Possible (IRE) 2011-05-04 Cheltenham Fell – Fatally Injured
Lush Life (IRE) 2011-03-17 Cheltenham Injured Hind Leg – Destroyed
Joe Lively (IRE) 2011-01-01 Cheltenham Pulled Up Injured – Destroyed
Lethal Glaze (IRE) 2011-01-01 Cheltenham Fell – Dead
Robo (FR) 2010-12-11 Cheltenham Finished Race Injured – Destroyed
Acey (IRE) 2010-10-16 Cheltenham Fell – Fatally Injured Destroyed
Yellow Flag 2010-10-16 Cheltenham Fell – Dead
Mad Jack Duncan (IRE) 2010-10-15 Cheltenham Pulled Up Injured – Destroyed
Lotta Presents (IRE) 2010-05-05 Cheltenham Fell – Injured Destroyed
One Cool Knight (IRE) 2010-05-05 Cheltenham Collapsed and Died After Race
Kennel Hill (IRE) 2010-04-16 Cheltenham Lost Action – Fatally Injured
Fairyland (GER) 2010-03-19 Cheltenham Fatal Fall
Izita Star 2010-03-19 Cheltenham Spinal Injuries – Destroyed
Citizen Vic (IRE) 2010-03-17 Cheltenham Fatal Fall
Casey Jones (IRE) 2010-03-16 Cheltenham Brought Down – Destroyed
Hold Em (IRE) 2010-01-01 Cheltenham Brought Down – Broke Knee Destroyed
Kanpai (IRE) 2009-12-12 Cheltenham Pulled Up Injured – Destroyed
Three Mirrors 2009-11-14 Cheltenham Pelvic Injury – Destroyed
Weather Front 2009-10-16 Cheltenham Broke Leg – Destroyed
Fier Normand (FR) 2009-04-15 Cheltenham Broke Leg Destroyed
Clarified (IRE) 2009-03-12 Cheltenham Fatal Injury Destroyed
Nor Nor East (IRE) 2009-01-01 Cheltenham Heart Attack
Simondiun 2008-10-18 Cheltenham Fell Dead
Hasty Prince 2008-04-16 Cheltenham fell Dead
Whispered Promises (USA) 2008-03-14 Cheltenham Fell Fatal Fall
Macs Joy (IRE) 2007-12-15 Cheltenham Pulled Up Broke Leg Destroyed
Willyanwoody (IRE) 2007-11-17 Cheltenham fell Broke His Back Destroyed
Granit Jack (FR) 2007-11-17 Cheltenham fell Broke Neck
Paulo Dancer (FR) 2007-10-20 Cheltenham Fell Fatal Fall
Decisive 2007-10-20 Cheltenham Pulled Up Lame – Destroyed
Rose Of The Shires (IRE) 2007-04-19 Cheltenham Pulled Up Collasped and Died
Swift Thyne (IRE) 2007-03-15 Cheltenham Fell Spinal Injury Destroyed
Little Brick (FR) 2007-03-13 Cheltenham Pulled Up Broke Shoulder

2 Comments to “Horse Racing”

  1. Animal Aid reports that a second horse had died at the Grand National course:

    David M. Davison

  2. Yeah I just came to post that actually after talking about it at home this evening, but you beat me to it, David. That apparently one horse died of a heart attack and another was shot after suffering an injury. 😦

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