Battery Farmed Rabbits

Compassion in World farming (CIWF) has recently published details about its investigation into rabbit farms in France, Spain and Italy (where more than 75% of EU rabbit farming takes place).

The video below is from CIWF and includes scenes which some may find distressing. Rabbit meat available in the UK but not labelled as being from a higher welfare system is almost certainly inhumanely farmed. Please tell your friends not to buy such meat and help CIWF spread awareness of the issues by sharing the video with your friends.

One of the Green Party’s animal rights policies is:
“AR406 To encourage ecological farming in small free-range units, prohibit live export and minimise the internal live transport of farm animals, abolish the piece rate system in abattoirs, and otherwise improve market and slaughter-house conditions, and phase out all forms of intensive farming, including fish farms. We will also prohibit the import of any animal commodities not produced by methods acceptable to UK standards. (see ‘Agriculture’)”

David M. Davison


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