Goodbye Medway City – You wont be missed by many!

Trish Marchant says:

Medway City – Not

 Medway did not win a city status.

A great victory for the people of the towns and the peninsula.

Medway Green Party worked hard to find out what the people actually wanted and they made it very clear that if anywhere should be a city it was Rochester. But they would rather not be a city if it could not be that way. But most of all the people of Medway and the Peninsula detested the way the council did not ask them if they wanted to be a city.

So this is a great victory for democracy.

Medway Green Party would like to say thank you to all those who engaged with us over city status, whether you agreed with or not. We made clear with our, popular, petition that we were not opposed to being a city but we were opposed to the continuing antidemocratic behaviour of this arrogant Tory council. So many other things, the people told us, this council has done without the will of the people, no formal consultation, egotistical personal prestige based projects like the bus station that no-one wanted. All seemed to be done so the council can look back with their egos held high and say “I did that”. So the public said to us.

We hope the council will now stop doing infrastructure projects and constitutional actions without the people being in favour. We hope they will break their awful habit of poor consultation, for which they have been officially warned before. Stop gagging council employees, like some librarians, stop spinning the facts to the detriment of understanding. Stop bandwagoning like their opposition to Boris island which reads just like the public’s’ opposition to the new bus station, how ironic.

Now is the time for the council to put away childish things and invest in the people and history of the area. Time to repopulate our high streets with local small businesses and invest in infrastructure for the people. Have pride in who and what we are and outsiders will see that as aspirational and want to come here to prosper. If we had better value public transport with more routes that went where the people want to go instead of all going to Chatham. If we had a livelier night life, with restaurants and quiet clubs as well as loud and boisterous places across the towns then more students would want to come here and maybe we could have a Medway Towns University instead of everyone else’s campuses.

Let us have good busy local and farmers markets in better positions. Lets have town fairs and carnivals instead of another foreign market – in Rochester and another Dickens do – in Rochester. Give support to our towns sports teams instead of building only for the Olympics. Let us have pride, lets strive to achieve with the people of the Medway Towns and Peninsula, not in spite of them.


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