Greece Bans Animal Circuses

ADI reported on 3rd February that Greece has banned the use of all animals in circuses following a campaign by ADI and the Greek Animal Welfare Fund (GAWF) – the campaign was backed by over 50 local animal protection groups across Greece.

The ban means Greece is the first European country to ban all animals from circuses and similar performances. Austria has banned wild animal acts and several European countries including Croatia, Denmark and Portugal have measures to ban or phase out wild animals in circuses. The UK is noticeable by its absence from that list.

Hopefully, Greece’s action will place more pressure on the UK to implement a ban on the use of wild animals in circuses.

David M. Davison


3 Responses to “Greece Bans Animal Circuses”

  1. National bans on animals/wild animals in circuses exist in Austria (wild animals), Bolivia (wild and domestic animals), Bosnia and Herzegovina (all animals), Costa Rica (wild animals), Croatia (wild animals), Czech Republic (certain animals), Denmark (certain animals), Estonia (wild-born animals), Finland (certain animals), Greece (all animals), Hungary (wild caught animals, the purchase and training of elephants and primates for circus performances, and the purchase, training and use of CITES (Appendix 1) listed species), India (certain animals), Israel (wild animals), Peru (wild animals), Poland (wild-born animals), Portugal (restrictions on the use of great apes and the acquisition and breeding of CITES listed species), Singapore (wild animals), Sweden (certain animals), and Taiwan (the import or export of protected wildlife).

    For details, please visit:

    Paraguay has recently announced a nationwide ban on wild animals in circuses:

    David M. Davison

  2. Slovenia has banned the use of wild animals in circuses:

    David M. Davison


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