Medway City – Can We Decide Please?

Trish Marchant says:  Medway Green Party are the only local party which has been consistently requesting proper consultation on the city status bid. Medway council applied to turn our towns into a city without formal consultation. We think this is wrong and collected  signatures from you in support of proper discussion, not one-sided blinkered decisions by the councillors (there is cross party support) and senior officers. Our petition has now been submitted and the Cabinet Office have reassured us that you views will be considered

Rochester is one of Britain’s oldest cities and should be restored to it rightful status.  Medway is just an authority area, a bureaucratic conglomerate of towns. It is a happen-stance of places clustered around a river. Each town and village has its own history, style and priorities and many people are unhappy about the way the boundaries between them have been removed and visitors are met with “Welcome to Medway” as they approach the administrative boundary.

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