Help Press for a Ban on Wild Animals in Circuses

Caged TigerEDM 2563 Ban on Wild Animals in Circuses has been tabled in Parliament, sponsored by Jim Cunningham (Labour) and supported by cross-party MPs, including Caroline Lucas (the MP for Brighton Pavilion and the Green Party Leader).

Just before Christmas, the Austrian Constitutional Court announced that the application by Circus Krone to overturn Austria’s ban on wild animals in circuses had been thrown out, clearing the way for a UK ban.

Please contact your MP and ask him/her to sign EDM 2563 Ban on Wild Animals in Circuses (this is part of an Animal Defenders International campaign).

This is the Green Party’s policy regarding animals in circuses:
AR416 In view of the fact that animal acts in circuses are cruel and degrading to performer and observer alike, we will immediately prohibit the import of, and sale from other sources of, all animals to circuses. We will immediately prohibit the use of animals in circuses and will encourage the re-homing of all existing circus animals to sanctuaries or other suitable establishments with relocation to the wild wherever possible.

David M. Davison


3 Responses to “Help Press for a Ban on Wild Animals in Circuses”

  1. EDM 2586 Inspection Reports on Circus Establishments has been sponsored by Caroline Lucas MP, and supported by MPs Adrian Sanders, Peter Bottomley and Mark Durkan:

    This new EDM calls on the government to release Defra inspection reports on animal circuses, following Defra’s refusal to grant ADI access to reports by Defra appointed vets. These reports are vital to inform any decisions made about licensing proposals, which the government is still currently pursuing.

    Please contact your MP and ask him/her to sign the EDM.

    Thank you,

    David M. Davison

  2. This is the link to Four Paws’ response to the government announcement today (1st March) that it is to launch a consultation on the licensing of wild animals in circuses before a possible ban is introduced:

    David M. Davison


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